December 24, 2012

Kobo Boxing Week Sale

Kobo, my preferred and recommended ereader of choice, has a boxing week special on. To see the deals, head to

As far as ereaders go, I hear that they are the best. Those, as well as Amazon's depending on what you're after. There are many others too, such as the Nook by Barnes & Noble. Depending on the compatibility of your ereader, epub is most likely the best file format to use.

I'll provide a post-holiday update post January, which will an entire post dedicated to both Christmas and New Year's. For now, a very quick update on what I wrote last night...

Still working away, still writing away. I did about 1700 words last night. I'm not sure if that's considered alot, but I covered quite a bit within that chapter I wrote. Sometime soon, who knows, I may proof it and do some minor editing to expand it (not on purpose for word or page count, of course, but for better flow). I had this chapter and the events it covered in my head in mind for a while now; so writing (and completing?) it had no affect on any outlining I still have yet to do. 

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