December 23, 2012

Book (Re)Review: 'The Eye of the World' (Wheel of Time Book 1)

My review from Goodreads....

The first book of The Wheel of Time is an excellent adventure story. It's a quest, a journey. There's tons of information and history to breathe life into the tale. The writing is fast paced, accessible and detailed, where need be. Of all the fantasy stories inspired by, and similar to, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, this is by far the rest that I've read so far. There are familiar elements and staples typical of the fantasy genre, but the writer gives a fresh spin on them. Or rather, makes them seem fresh and original. Familiar, yet new. It's not the best fantasy out there, but it is among the best of "traditional" fantasy. 

I give The Eye of the World


Now I'm onto The Great Hunt...(a shorter title of The Great Hunt of the Horn? I say that because that's the title of the legend in the books)

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