November 10, 2012


Just a quick one-off post during this weekend - more of a break from other things and to get some writing in. I'll be focusing on  Kalvel (and, of course, especially A Climb of Chaos) tomorrow and Monday.

I am currently reading the third and final book of Stieg Larsson's Trilogy. I'm on page 421 / 563...and the next time I update my Goodreads account I'll most likely finish the book.

I do my darndest to get one chapter per day read at the least. I find towards the end of a book I'm reading, I read more and more often. I also do my best not to 'rush' my reading, as  I like to savor the text. But things heat up, sometimes it can't be helped.

Once I finish reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest I'll post a review of sorts of that book, and the trilogy as a whole. That may very well be my next entry.

Following Hornet's Nest, I'll be delving into Wheel of Time. When I do another post about that, more of this may re-appear in that post. I started reading the series after I finished reading Lord of the Rings way back in 2002 and was hungry for fantasy. Wheel of Time was recommended to me. However, I only read about halfway through the series - at that point, I believe book 9 was out in paperback, and book 10 was going to come out in hardcover...I forget which, but I remember both those covers in my head being featured on the new release displays as opposed to the 'archives' of the bookstore.
Me stopping was not due to disinterest, but because other books had caught my attention. Also, I believe that Order of the Phoenix may be also be responsible for 'derailing' me from the series. So the years went on, and the reading stack got bigger and bigger until, now, finally, I'm about to return. Since it's been so long since I've read any of the books, I'm re-starting the entire series. Sure, I could read the synopsis of the books I'd read already via wikipedia or something, but its been so long may as well begin anew. The only way I'll deviate from the series this time is if Winds of Winter comes out before I finish Wheel of Time. Should that happen, I'm returning to it right after.

(Like I said, some of what I said about Wheel of Time may re-appear in a future post) 

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