September 8, 2012

Upcoming Books I Want That Haven't Been Released Yet

If you've seen this post: , I mention some fantasy books coming up. Well, call this the 'sequel' post to that one. As a recap, plus a bit more....

Tyrant's Law (Dagger and Coin 3) by Daniel Abraham - This one is due out May of 2013

Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Book 14) by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson - Hardcover coming Jan 2013...I get them in paperback so I'm predicting Dec. 2013 or Jan 2014 for that format to be released.

Winds of Winter (Ice and Fire Book Six) by George R.R. Martin - My guess is 2014. I don't want to rush the man, but would love him to finish his books on his own terms without worrying about the HBO adaptaion pressuring him. If he's able to see all the Dunk and Egg stories through as well, I would be very happy and let him be in peace. If Winds comes out 2014, I'm guessing the final book will be 2016-2018.

Collection of the first four Dunk and Egg novellas (prequels to the Ice and Fire series) by George R.R. Martin - Pretty sure it'll be 2014, whether or not Winds of Winter releases that year. If it does, I'm expecting Dunk and Egg to come out before it in the same year. We'll see this before Winds of Winter, is my guess.

Stormlight Book 2 by Brandon Sanderson - At this point, no title is given, nor release date for the hardcover edition, which of course launches first. (and very most cases with books in general) I am almost certain that it will come out near the end of 2013. I'll be getting this series in paperback, so I'll be getting my copy in 2014. Side note: hopefully Michael Whelan can do the cover again as he did for the first book.

I'm sure I'll get others, but these ones I know I want and will be on the lookout for them. Should be great reads.

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