September 16, 2012

Goodbye Hockey, Hello Football

There's an NHL lockout. The above photo is a 'spoof' (though it's no laughing matter) of the logo for 'Hockey Night in Canada'. Sad, bad news for Canadian hockey watchers and lovers. Suffice to say, there's a void. But I plan to (attempt to) fill my void with....

I'll be watching Ravens, Giants and Jets games. I usually only watch NFL football games during playoffs or the SuperBowl itself, or if there's one on in a pub or something. Turns out I'll be watching more regular season games, due to no NHL and a more passive TV schedule, excluding Netflix, (I still watch my shows and all, but Dexter is the only one I'll be tuning in to watch RIGHT away...Boardwalk, Walking Dead and anything else (Big Bang and Fringe)) that has a returning season I'll watch whenever.

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