August 9, 2012

Taking Care of Business...

I knew this would happen eventually. I traveled, came back, got into the swing of things, had another 'vacation' of sorts (place to myself for 8 days!) but now it's caught up to me - things are getting busy again. Here's what's on my plate. 

Looking for work: My job contract is expiring in October...I need to get on the ball yesterday,  and start applying to about five places per day, rather than five places per week. Once I get "the" job, I can begin looking for my place. By about September, I should have enough to afford a down payment. 

That's the big one. The next parts are more leisure.

Writing: I try and write a few entries per week, to keep my fine readers up to date and keep the creative juices flowing. Haven't worked at A Climb of Chaos in close to a week. Still on the map, and write down random ideas as they come to me in the master file. If writing was my job or career, I'd be much further along than I am. As it stands, it's more of a hobby or 'part time' activity. I'm in no hurry though. My goal is to have the first fully completed draft finished by Aug 6, 2016. I'm half done a chapter I'm working on featuring a sex scene, called 'The Failed Knight'. And no, there's no relation between the two. When I go on vacation end of the month (to cat and house sit for my sister and her boyfriend), I find I get a good deal of writing done there. And I don't bring the book I'm reading with me on purpose so I can write more. They live about 30-35 minutes away from downtown via bus. The only thing that really changes is what bed I'll coming home to end of day.

Reading: It's going well, a bit faster. My current book is Mockingjay, and I'm approximately half-way through that. I have plenty of books to read once I'm finished that one. My reading goal is at least one chapter per day.

TV/ Movies: I'm rewatching The Tudors. About halfway done disc 1 of the fourth and final season (pretty sure that season is 3 DVDs). I'm also on the third season of Modern Family, 5th season of Futurama (expect to finish that by weekend's end) and started up American Dad via Netflix. Well, in order that is. Speaking of Netflix, I may try out a few TV series on there. They're ones that I'm slightly interested in seeing and don't care if I'm behind and don't intend to 'catch up'. After I finish The Tudors, I'll begin either Sherlock or Downton Abbey (not through Netflix but I suspect they may be on there).

And let's not forget my social life! Everything I listed above is the me me me time. As long as I'm still able to see friends, family, and someone who I previouslyhinted at vaguely a few times per week (but not too many, else they'll grow sick of me), I'm good. I won't let myself get too busy to not make time for my family and friends. 

Before I know it, it'll be time to begin thinking of Christmas shopping - something I plan to have done before December hits. 

Lots to keep busy with, but I am in no way overwhelmed.

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