July 12, 2012

Forged by the Sea


Nova Scotia (also known as Mi'kma'ki and Acadia) was initially occupied by Mi'kmaq. During the first 150 years of European settlement, the colony was primarily made up of Catholic Acadians and Mi'kmaq. This time period involved four colonial wars between New England and New France as well as two local wars (Dummer's War and Father Le Loutre's War) before Britain defeated France in North America. Throughout these wars, Nova Scotia was the site of numerous battles, raids and skirmishes; such as The Conquest of Acadia in 1710. Just prior to the last colonial war; the capital was moved from Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia to the newly founded Halifax, Nova Scotia. After the colonial wars, New England Planters and Foreign Protestants settled Nova Scotia. After the American Revolution, the colony was settled by Loyalists. During the nineteenth century, Nova Scotia became self-governing in 1848 and joined the Canadian Confederation in 1867.

Tomorrow I leave for Halifax and will return Wednesday night. Things will be a bit quiet here till then. In the meantime, this may be slightly appropriate....

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