June 23, 2012

Writer's Weekly

I want to try something new here - each week (I was aiming for Wednesday but missed it) I want to to write about writing, and call it 'Writer's Wednesdays' but for now though it's 'Writer's Weekly'.

These will concern writing as a whole - I may provide examples or reference my own works; whether it be my stories, my blog etc...

As an 'opener', I'm going to provide some videos by Brandon Sanderson. You may be familiar with him as the author who is finishing Wheel of Time, and Stormlight, his latest and potentially best creation.

"Making Stories Meaningful"

"Three Rules For Fight Scenes"

"Replacing Adjectives and Passive Voice"
*very helpful

"Dialogue Mechanics"
* very helpful

"World Building Geography 1"
* helpful for map creation

Which is a help for the structure of my chapter writing for A Climb of Chaos.

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