June 29, 2012

Summer With Updates

Wow, just because we're summer now does not mean I shall be any less busy!

Here is what I'm up to for the next little while....

This weekend: June 29 - July. It's Canada Day!! People, relaxation, food and drink...will be awesome.

First weekend of July : helping my sister's boyfriend with his patio

A bit after that: Bluesfest!

July 11: My Birthday! (stuff I want in the next little while, should you feel generous hehe: http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/334OHARFDHZKQ/ref=cm_wl_search_1 ..I would say...Pillars of the Earth and / or The Winter King as what I'd like most from there at the moment)

Weekend of the 13th: Flying to Nova Scotia (that's Latin for New Scotland) From the Friday till the 18th. 

Last Weekend of July : my 'staycation'. 

So July will be very busy and awesome. 

For my book, I have come up with a name for the series, being "THE KALVEL CHRONICLES". Kalvel is the name of the world (pronounced kal-velle). As you know, the first book is called A Climb of Chaos. I'm also coming up with titles for the other four. After my editing project, to get back into my 'groove', I'm polishing up and changing the first two complete chapters I'd written...fleshing them out, etc. The overall story or what is going will not change, but the structure, order, etc might chapter by chapter. 

Also, I *need* to work on the map. If this was a video game, the world map would mostly be clouds right now. I need to get a general idea of what is where, who rules what, what the landscapes are like etc...I need to do a bi more worldbuilding before I send my characters and adventures through it. A good chunk may happen as I write, but it helps to know 'ok, X is here, and Y is going that way which is a)' I DO have the shape of Kalvel, now to just zoom in a bit more and more if this was Google Earth.

So, yeah...that's it! 

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