February 19, 2012

Swords and Research

This past Saturday, I was supposed to attend a Mardi Gras Party. However, I only knew one person that was for sure going. Turns out they weren't feeling well the day of, so they didn't end up going. As such, because of what I said earlier, I didn't attend. 

Not too long after that, however, while I was beginning to arranging back-up plans (I actually got a text message about 20 minutes after I found out; however it was to a film I was not interested in seeing, plus it was at the opposite end of the city.) I remembered something. Something that could be of great benefit to my project - the book I'm writing, A Climb of Chaos

As I mentioned before, I want to make it as authentic, plausible, and detailed (but not boring) as possible. In order to do so, I'm doing some medieval-era research. First and foremost on swords, armor, etc.

Anyway, one of my co-workers makes his own weapons & armor, goes to sword-handling class, etc. When I told him of my endeavors, he referred me to the 'guild' he belongs to, where they train with the arms, and what not.

What sparked our interest & discussion of such topics, is that I'm currently reading George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, where he is reading Jack Whyte's Camelot Chronicles (a series I mentioned here a few times, which will be the next one I buy, as well as Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight).

So, I was in contact with a sword marshal. Which is pretty sweet on its own right, being a fan of fantasy, swords, etc since about the age of 7 or 8. But, I'll gain some neat information; such the advantages & disadvantages of chain vs plate vs scale, terminology, and what metals, minerals and alloys are used for the making of material. Oh, and of course fighting techniques.

Not a bad alternative to what was initially planned, if I do say so myself. One of those instances where if a really nice door closes, an almost equally impressive window opens. For a window, when one is hoping for a door.

And how goes the writing, you ask? Well, I have about 5 pages of actual story written. Other things, ideas, glossary, etc...totals for about 10 pages total of what I've 'created' or jotted down altogether. Then there's the research. I'm not sure how long that'll take, but I'm hoping to research up until the summer, maybe even as long as until the fall; while writing, adding, tweaking and some minor world building until then. So by 2013, if I were to guess, I'd say I'd have about 25 pages of STORY, and approx 50 pages TOTAL, including story.

I'll let you know how it goes, and post the odd sampling here and there. I should have another excerpt ready sometime in April.

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