February 3, 2012

Fooz Ball is for The Devil!

As many of you who read this blog may know, but I'll flat out say it - I'm a geek. Well, a "normal" (I could do a post about normalcy...when I'm feeling philosophical!) person who has geeky interests, and gets excited over movies, TV, books, music, artwork, etc...various aspects of the entertainment & technological field. (I know that doesn't really make one geeky, but if you know me, than you'd know what I'm talking about!)

However, I also like some sports. Watching, I mean. Because of my build, I'd be great for tennis /badminton / squash, golf, biking, walking...those types.

Perhaps it stems from centuries and centuries of watching humans compete against each other at something; such as the gladiators back in the days of the Roman Empire, and through cultural evolution, I picked it up. Maybe one of my ancestors participated in or was at a game once in Rome? 
Or even further back - watching cavemen or something fight over the last piece of meat.

Here's what I can recall about my experience with sports...
When I was a kid (about 5-10) I liked baseball. Maybe it was the cards? The logos? I forget the exact details. I know I liked the Expos & Blue Jays in the early '90s. There was a '3 way following' of the Jays between myself, my dad & grandfather (who has passed away about 4-5 years ago). I still keep up with the Jays ever so often as a tribute to my grandfather. Now, i don't like it enough to say that I like it.

I also like hockey. That's one sport I enjoy the most. 
I remember having a tiny red hockey stick when I was really young, (like 2-6) not a mini stick, but a toddler sized hockey stick. I also remember owning a small Oilers jersey. 
There was when The Great One was with them (Oilers) the Kings and the Rangers. There was also Bobby Or, Jarome Jagr, Brett Hull...Hasek...Brodeur...and it goes on from there to some of the hockey greats we have today.
I follow the Sens regularly throughout the Season and boo the Leafs, but come play off time, I break down who is playing who and root for a team of each section. Example: I like both Philly & Boston, but would rather see Boston advance if those two teams face each other.
One sport I was never really too 'keen' on was football. Maybe it the was the rules, the complexity? The points system or 'quarters'; but lately I've grown to appreciate it a bit more. 
It's a sport I'll only watch during the playoffs when things get really intense. Previously, it was a sport I only enjoyed watching in bars or pubs (only by glimpsing the screen from time to time, or replays), or highlights.
I started following it a bit more this year. It sucked when the Jets lost to Miami, and when the Ravens didn't advance. In the finals between the four teams, I was hoping to see the Baltimore Ravens take on the the New York Giants.

So this Super Bowl Sunday, I will be rooting for the Giants. Of the four teams, I feel they are the most 'solid', and would like to see them of everyone else...yet still...I wonder how a Baltimore vs NYG game would have played out?

Oh, by the way - if the Giants win, I may release a sample of my novella....

What sports, teams & players do you like?

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