September 3, 2011

Artistic or Dumb Movie Titles?

So this entry is about festival / small / independent movies. Not the movies themselves, but rather how they have weird titles, or ones NOT associated with the subject matter.

One example comes to mind. It's a documentary about the American education system called "Waiting for Superman". Ummm...hello? There's nothing 'Superman' about the film! Someone who sees the movie title (and not the trailer or poster) would think it's a superhero film, but no.... ( see link here:

Two other examples are purposefully misspelling movie titles: Inglourious Basterds & Pursuit of Happyness. What's the aim here?

So I ask you - are people naming their films, be it misspelling, giving it a title not related to the subject matter, or one with more 'oomph', trying too hard to sound artsy & intelligent?

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